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This card was made for the Fetch a Sketch challenge. I really like the sketch. I woke up today with the idea of crocheting a frame around the image. Then I thought about using crocheted stripes insteat of paper or ribbons. The card is a bit bulky.

This time, my project may not look so dark. But just imagine the scenario behind this wall. You find a garden, beautiful and wicked at the same time. Flower beds full of carnivorous plants, old wicked trees… The cat is a guardian and won’t let you pass. For this project for Macabre Monday (Garden od […]

post it


This card is a bit different. I made it for the Daring cardmakers challenge “post it!” I hope you’ll like it. The postage stamps have been given to me by my mother. She collects stamps and she doesn’t throw away the broken ones since I’ve told her that I would love to use them in […]



Yesterday, I went to the city centre just to buy some food. I was strolling from the money machine to the supermarket when I saw a sign saying that a shop was closing down its crafting area and everything was 50% off. My first thought was that I had enough stuff and I went to […]

I hope, you’ll like my “Weihnachtsbengel”. I wanted to make something totally different, but then it was Saturday and I had not drawn a image I liked. I felt like giving up, but then I saw the new Craftyhazelnut’s Christmas Challenge and I remembered an image that I had drawn and coloured last year. Still, […]

It’s still cold outside. Unfortunally without much snow. Just a little bit that gives the feeling of living on a cake which a caring mother has sprinkled with a little bit of icing sugar – but not too much as it is not good for the health. I felt like I needed some warm colours, […]

While tryig to come up with something new for Macabre Monday I’ve found some printed images I coloured last year. Again, I used the girl on roller skates and made a card out of her. I remember the minute she came out of the printer: I thought that the image would be too large to […]