Yesterday, I went to the city centre just to buy some food. I was strolling from the money machine to the supermarket when I saw a sign saying that a shop was closing down its crafting area and everything was 50% off. My first thought was that I had enough stuff and I went to the supermarket. But on the way back, my backpack full of milk, butter and cheese, I thought that it would took no harm if I would have a peek. I was amazed by the number of usefull things they had still in stock and I was short before falling into shopping frenzy but I kept my mind. I can proudly anounce that I now have a brown inkpad – something I had needed so much but haven’t found at the store I usually go to for a reasonable price (Read: I don’t shop via internet). I also bought some stamps, the last package of black feathers, some more ink pads (purple and a second brown one) and a flower punch. Knowing, how expensive crafting supplies are, I was amazed by what happened when the man at the counter pushed the “/2” button. I just had to pay a little less that 16 Euros. At home, I wanted to take a picture of it but my mobile didn’t like the idea. So, I had to tell the whole story instead of showing a pic.

Of course, I had to make some cards with the new supply instantly.

For the Use it Tuesday challenge (theme: birthday party) I made this card:

The only new item I used is the flower punch from my “Kaufrausch”.
From my stash:
Card base and red paper (at least 2 years old)
Wrapping paper (green paper at least 2 and a half years old, red paper from the flowers from last christmas)
Green border and printed paper from the flowers: citymagazine from Dec 2010.
Even the stamped image is old – it was on a sheet with some images stamped with different inks. Some of them have lost colour and are now more purple than black.
By the way, the team of Use it Tuesday is celebrating first blog-birthday with a bloghop, lots of prices and calorie free cake.

I also made a second card for the Top Tip Tuesday. (Theme: Mystical, Magical and Fantasy)
This time I used one of my new brown pads to ink the edge of the image, the other new brown ink to stamp the little dragonflies and again the flowerpunch.

Brown cardboard, corugated cardboard, transparent paper
brown envelope, acrylic paint for colouring the envelope and the dots on the cardbase
image: own drawing on paper for water colours, coloured with water soluble pencils
I also have a little tip or better said something I learned during the last years.
Punches are expensive but they can be very versatile. Look at my flower punch. In the first card I used two flowers to create some new one which I like very very much. In the second card you can find the flowers as a border for the image. No second tool (scallop dies, border punch etc) needed.
Or think of punching out the motiv of thicker paper and using it as a stancil.

Here is an example (a card I made some years ago, I used a tree punch for the stancil and some golden acrylic paint)

I know that this is a very basic tip but sometimes I think only within the categories of things (flower punch for making flowers) and forget that I can use the items in a differnet way ( flower = border, punch = stancil).
What’s your favourite outside the box-thinking?

8 Responses to “Kaufrausch?”

  1. Aaaaw this is not fair! I wanna run into a craft shop with 50% off, too!!! 🙂 Good for you though, hehe 🙂 And having new supplies always gives you that feeling that you just HAVE to make something new 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your work!
    hugs, Lucia xxx

  2. These are wonderful creations! Thanks for playing at UIT.


  3. Oh I would of just gone straight to the sale and skipped the market….hehehe! What a great tip to use the flowers as a border, gotta try that!

    Thanks for playing along with us at Top Tip Tuesday this challenge; hope to see a whole lot more of you:0)

    Hugs and good luck!

  4. Such a fun story and it’s great to buy supplies at such a good price. I love the cards you created with the new supplies and the card under the post. You are right about punches they are so versatile. Thanks for a very sweet comment about butterflies you left on my blog a week ago? I was so touched. Thanks for making my day. Hugs, Kathy

  5. 5 Heather B

    Yay for sales!! What a great card!! Thanks for playing with us at Use it Tuesday!!

  6. Nice mystical card, I like how you used the flowers to frame your image. Thanks for joining the Mystical, Magical, Fantasy Challenge at Top Tip Tuesday.

  7. Great card – Love your Top Tip too on using the punched piece as a stencil ….great effect you’ve achieved 🙂
    Thanks for joining in with us over at Top Tip Tuesday and we hope to see you again soon 🙂

    Carol x

  8. Lovely creations and great tip!!

    Thank you for joining us at Top Tip Tuesday! Hope to see you again!

    Remember, you can enter 3 creations and 3 tips – 6 chances for prizes!!


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