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Although most angels of death guid the dead to Hades/Heaven/Hell, some of them represent the elegant evil – this weeks theme at macabre mondays. These are pure killers but always know how to dress. They love the colours black and blood and they have hobbies like counting the deaths they have caused or betting on […]

Willy Wonka


The Burtonesque Dolls have the theme “Williy Wonka” and they ask participants to “Create a new candy box, candy bag, chocolate bar, any fun and funky new candy you would find in Willy Wonka’s factory.” Well, I am not sure whether I hit the the theme with my card: I created some low-calorie crocheted candy […]

This week Macabre Monday has the theme of creepy cute. And before I show my card I have to tell you that I’ve found tons of things that were cute with a dark twist. Some examples? 1. It seems to me that at the moment, there are a lot of creepy cute characters who are […]