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Metropolis is one of my favourite films. First time I’ve watched it was in a concert hall with a full ochestra playing the film music. This film is something special for me. It was my first silent film, the first film with live music and I love its special effects. With the CG effects today […]

I made some cards for christmas. This one I want to share because it was inspired by two challenges: Crafty Creations told me to use some recycled materials and Willow Sketch Challenge helped me to get the pieces together. I used some christmas wrapping paper and a piece of ribbon I’ve got from my mother. […]

I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.   Douglas Adams knew all about my favourite hate-love-topic: deadlines. About 40 minutes ago one expired while I was making the card. And when I started assembling the parts of the card I had got plenty of time. *arg* The card […]

When I read the actual ABC Challenge (C for crochet flowers), I thought it would be easy to crochet thousands of flowers and to make at least a dozen cards with them. Well, I love to crochet and I love card making. But in the end, time was the determining factor and I just came […]

Sorry, this snowman is not as dark and creepy as I wanted it to be. He’s just broken out from the lunatic asylum (also called Lachsekatze’s Mind). Do you see his strange eyes? You should hear him laugh! I made this card with the Forever Night Challenge (dark and creepy) in the back of my […]

Just a note


A little card. Just a note to say hello. The My Time To Craft Challenge (rainy days) reminded me of the umbrella stamp that I carved about 2 years ago and that I rarely use. But my mother told me that she totally likes it. I hope you’ll like my card. It’s nothing special but […]



First I thought to make a small bookmark for the Macabre Monday challenge. This weeks theme is Heinously Haunted Houses. However, I hadn’t any idea what I wanted to do. 6 hours before the deadline my mind came up with an strange idea: If you want to visit a haunted house and leave it alive, […]