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A strange card


The “Making of” this card is a strange story. I started with the image and and the card base. I love how they looked together. I wanted to add some nice papers and mat the image with the colour of the card base. But in the end I threw all these plans away and just […]

The idea of using a border of handwritten text on my cards has been spooking in my mind for ages. I tried it several times but I wasn’t happy with the outcome. But today I had this Beatles song in my mind – I woke up humming it, don’t ask me why and I knew […]

Imagine diving in the sea. You’re exploring a beautiful coral reef and having a wonderful time. Suddenly two strong hands are grabbing you. You look up and look into the face of rage itself. Thoughts of a stranger are flooding your brain. Angry thoughts. Furious thoughts. “What are you doing here, human? This place is […]

Mein Schatzss, my preciousssss. Here you don’t see Smaug but Selorg. She’s a young dragon who’s big idol was Smaug until her mother told her the story of Bard the dragon slayer. So, she thought carefully how she can hoard huge treasures without getting the attention of greedy or homeless dwarves. In the end she […]

Miss U


E-00-1 has been travelling space for months. He’s an ingenieur inspecting the outposts of the mining company he’s working for. That means months of travelling from one planet to another and checking machines and no-personality robots. Of course he’s missing his girlfriend G-W2 ans so he’s sending her cards because they are more personal than […]

Autsch – die Paperminutes haben diese Woche ein Superthema: Die Paper Blending-Technik. Und jetzt liegen drei Bögen “neues” Papier bei mir rum und wollen verarbeitet werden. Ich habe die Technik ein wenig abgewandelt: Anstelle von Designpapieren habe ich Schnipsel (teilweise wirklich kleinste Schnipsel) von allem, was so in meiner Schnipselkiste lag (also vor allem Ton- […]

About a year or so ago I drew this little creature, scanned it, and printed it several times. I even coloured some images but not all. Now, I’m back on them and I made a little card of two of them. They are birds of a special kind. I don’t know what parents they have. […]