Nightfall – Imagine


This time, my project may not look so dark. But just imagine the scenario behind this wall. You find a garden, beautiful and wicked at the same time. Flower beds full of carnivorous plants, old wicked trees…
The cat is a guardian and won’t let you pass.

For this project for Macabre Monday (Garden od Good and Evil), I wanted to use my new cat stamp and the embossing powder that I bought at the sale.
The paper is thought for pencil/charcoal/ink drawings but I’m not very happy with it as it is too easy to smear the pencil (My little finger is now black). I used my water soluable pencils and wanted to create a gloomy atmosphere. I’m not very happy with the sky, I still have problems to colour larger areas.


4 Responses to “Nightfall – Imagine”

  1. Cooool – love the kitty. Yes I can sit and look at this and imagine zombie gnomes and poisoness plants 😀 Thank you for joining us at Haunted Design House xx

  2. Can just imagine what is behind that wall. Thanks for playing along with macabre monday x

  3. I’m thinking the birds are flying around because there is something rotten in that garden! Beautiful!

  4. LOVE your cat! I can see why you used him. I’m imagining all sorts of creepy things back there. that’s why the wall is so high. Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH. xxD

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