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Deadline issues


There it is again: this strange humming sound of a deadline coming nearer and nearer while the project itself is still in the “unfinished” status. To beat the deadline, I decided to blog about the process of finishing my newest project for the Burtonesque Dolls. They have the cool challenge of altering a box. I […]

Where to put all the treasures? All the stolen gold and jewels? I needed at least one treasure chest and a cave to hide my fortune. I combined the cave and the chest into a bat box. I altered a little box, using some painted paper. I used some Color Box chalkpad for the edges. […]

Hi, I’ve a small card for you. This time I needed three challenges to inspire me before I was able to finish the card. First of all: The Forever Night Challenge. There had a fabulous wicked blog hop st Friday 13th. So, I made a wicked card for them using one of my own drawings. […]

Wow, this was easy. The actual theme at the Paperminutes challenge is to show a creation with one’s newest stamp. I won my newest stamp at a blog candy and I liked it so much that I stamped it everywhere. At my parents I’ve found the cover of an old exercise book from school and […]

Easter and the weeks before, I had a very busy time and so I’m glad to be back again on my blog. I had some free time for crafting but none for blogging and I started to miss my blog a little bit. Of course I had a good time during Easter. I visited my […]