Macabre Monday: Pirate’s Booty


Where to put all the treasures? All the stolen gold and jewels?
I needed at least one treasure chest and a cave to hide my fortune.

I combined the cave and the chest into a bat box. I altered a little box, using some painted paper. I used some Color Box chalkpad for the edges.
The bats are cut out of some faux leather that I rescued from beeing thrown into the bin – the covers of some old business diaries.
It’s very simple in style but perfect for my desk for hiding some little crafting treasures.

I hope you’ll like it. If not, I let ye keelhaul!
in German: Wenn nicht, lass ich euch kielholen, ihr elenden Landratten und Süßwassermatrosen! Beim Klabautermann!

Ohh, hundertausend Höllenhunde, jetzt hab’ ich doch den Link vergessen:
Macabre Monday: Pirate’s Booty


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