Deadline issues


There it is again: this strange humming sound of a deadline coming nearer and nearer while the project itself is still in the “unfinished” status.
To beat the deadline, I decided to blog about the process of finishing my newest project for the Burtonesque Dolls.
They have the cool challenge of altering a box.

I got this little box as an Easter present and I instantly decided to alter it before putting something inside.

First I ripped the cover paper off the grey board.
Then I covered the lid with Gerstaecker Coarse Modelling Paste.

I coloured the box with acrylic paint and let the lid dry.
Then I used a mix of white and pearly acrylic paint for lid and went to bed.
Today I painted the lid with a little bit of black.

8 hours and 30 minutes until deadline expires:
One side of the box is finished: I used some of my favourite stamps, heat embossing and black chalk.

I decided to publish this first and add the other three sides while progressing. Perhaps I even will find something to enhance the lid.

Update 6 h 23 min until deadline expires:
After writing some lines for a paper I decided the basic idea of the second side.

I’m off because of sports… hope to come back in time…

Update 2 h 3 min until deadline expires
After a sports exercise of 2 hours, 2 bikerides of 15 minutes each and one long shower, I went back to the box. I sewed some ribbon into something that looks in some extends like a bow, because I wanted to glue the little star onto the second side and needed some backing for it.

Sorry for the picture – it looks as creepy as the bow because of the lack of daylight. (But daylight won’t help with the bow)

In a next step I used some gloss varnish to glue a piece of napkin onto the third side of the box. This will be the last step for today as I’m off to go to a party.

But I hope that I’ll have enough time to finish the box tomorrow! But again, I’m beaten by a deadline.

Update: one day after the deadline:
Last pictures of the finished box.
I used some pics from a pamphlet and film magazines.
Third side:

Fourth side:

One Response to “Deadline issues”

  1. 1 cajunstampingqueen

    Very nice… I love the way it went from sweet and cute to dark and grungy! Love the texture! Thanks forr playing with the dolls this challenge!

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