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Ein zweites Paar Zockpfötchen ist fertig geworden. Namenspate ist ein Talent des Helden Malfurion aus dem Spiel Heroes of the Storm. Beim Erstellen des Musters wollte ich meiner Vorliebe für die Nachtelfen unter allen Völkern Azeroths Tribut zollen. Es ist Jahre her, dass ich mal WC3 und sogar WoW ausprobiert habe. Ich habe lange Zeit […]

This year I started making christmas cards very late and i don’t have much time. So I have to hurry up and make fast cards. Like this. I also decided to use as many recycled or left-over items as possible. For the image, I used a napkin that was part of a pattern book – […]

  Gaming paws. Yes, I love playing video games. At my computer I have one big problem: Cold fingers, more ice than flesh. Some years ago, I knitted some things that you hardly can call mittens. For gaming they are too loosely fitted. So I knitted some new ones with an owl, cables and perfectly […]

robotics card


And another robot on this blog today. This time I used one of my favourite stamps that I won from a blog candy some years ago. You can find it here and here and here and here, also. I hope that robotics count as science for the CASology team. The equations are from my robotics […]

Dark necklace


When I read the Macabre Monday challenge for septembre (The Nights Are Drawing In) I knew I wanted to create a black necklace with some night accent. Whether to meet the challenge theme or just for myself. I dreamt of a necklace made from my grandmother’s jacket. I found these pictures and used them as […]

Chez Geek


The City Crafter Challenge is hosting a Geek Chic challenge this week. I now could wonder why a part of mainstream culture is still tagged as “geek”. I even could write a complete blog article about this strange wording. Or I am simply happy that I can enter a card I made for a friend […]



I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. This quote by Douglas Adams would also work for me. But this time I did it. I started about 90 minutes ago and finished the card with plenty time left (2h30) to enter the card and to even write a little […]