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Gerade schon im “Blogger denken nach“-Post veröffentlicht, gibt es jetzt noch einen eigenen Post für die Bärenschachel. Eine kurze Anleitung: Eine Schachtel Pralinen geschenkt bekommen, leer futtern und in die Recyclingkiste legen. Ein in Packpapier eingepacktes Päckchen in Empfang nehmen, auswickeln und das Packpapier in die Recyclingkiste legen. Packpapier und Schachtel aus der Kiste nehmen. […]

Über x Ecken bin ich gestern auf den Blog Average Pony gestoßen, wo unter der Überschrift “Blogger denken nach: Geld und Gewissen” die Frage gestellt wurde, wie man es mit kurzlebigen Produkten hält. Auch wenn der April schon fast vorbei ist, finde ich die Idee so gut, dass ich noch mitmachen möchte. In meiner Familie […]

I was to busy to open new doors of my calendar. So I have to catch up with the scheme. For the 8th decembre I decided to repost a project I made years ago. I altered an empty can of nuts ito a container for a small christmas present. I like to use corrugated board […]

“Bats in the belfrey” was this weeks theme at Haunted Design House. Did I mention that I like bats very much? Some days ago three bats hunted over my head while I was having a sports practise. And this time, they weren’t noisy. As I’m able to hear the hunting squeaks of some bats I […]

Deadline issues


There it is again: this strange humming sound of a deadline coming nearer and nearer while the project itself is still in the “unfinished” status. To beat the deadline, I decided to blog about the process of finishing my newest project for the Burtonesque Dolls. They have the cool challenge of altering a box. I […]

The last chocolate boxes that we got for Christmas are emptied and are now stacked up in my room. Time to make something special out of them. The UnstampaBelles challenge inspired me to make this box. The actual theme is recycling with bonus technique paper beads. I have a little box full of paper beads, […]

At the moment, I am listen to an Artemis Fowl audiobook, scanning some recipes from new cooking book and try to write a blog post. So, it can be that I mess up wih this post totally. About the scanning: I’m a very messy person and I print out the recipes so I don’t stain […]