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Well, blame me. But let me try. This week’s Macabre Monday was all about Gothic Asian Persuation. Cool theme, but I haven’t any Asian style stamps. So I went to a travel agency for some catalogues about Asia. Ended up with some colourful photos of Indian women and chinese children. Nothing gothic at all. But […]

Scanning day


Today, I got the scans of my cards. I prepared three drafts for postings, so I have only one post left to write. The allsorts challenge has a cool variation of the 1-2-3-theme. You can pick your materials. Normally I don’t like these 1-2-3 challenges either because I do not like all the ingredients or […]

I am selfish


because I made this bookmark for me (for me and only for me muhahaharrr). The theme of Macabre Monday is Vamy Vampyress this week. First I thought about something real dark and sinister, but I was sure that I was not able to draw my ideas. When I went to Lindas blog to see her […]

Difficult challenge at Saturday Spotlight this week, because I wanted to use at least one item I have never thought of using for crafting before. As I consider almost every thing in the house as something I can craft with, I didn’t want to think inside my box. So I started a list of maybe […]



Look how carefully he is holding his candle. He is the only ghost I know who always has a burning candle in one of his hands. I can understand him. Darkness is something very frightening. But the other ghosts call him a little whimsy bed linen. They aren’t nice, are they? The current challenge at […]

I can’t believe it: 3 posts in 3 days. Either I have too much time or get organised. Hope for the latter being true. After watching the movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” I wanted to create my own pocket imaginarium. This is my second attempt which I called “A mermaid’s story”. I made it […]

I always mix them up, even in my mother tongue I am not sure when to say “violett” and when to use “lila”. In medieval times “purple” did not refer to a special colour but more to the pigment or better the sea snail it was made from. I just did a bit research in […]