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Christmas in July is quite popular this year. When I was a little child I loved to sing christmas songs during the summer. Today I made this little card. Of course, it is a christmas card. It has all the traditional christmas colours: Red and green and gold. There are stars, a little poem and […]

Chocolate box, emptied and altered for Macabre Monday. Emptying all these candy boxes so I can use them for crafting is such a chore…. Okay, I didn’t eat all the chocolate last week. I had other things going on keeping me from crafting. So you all guessed it: I had drawn this pic before Barb […]

Selfmade buttons at Creaft Creations Challenge this week. I made a very simple card for this challenge using buttons that I’ve cut out from detergent bottles. They are not perfect circles because I’m not good in cutting these bottles … yet. But I’m going on in making circles, leaves and other simple stuff from them […]

This guy is very dangerous. In his homeworld, a planet full of terrible creatures, he is the master of fear. He’s the creepiest guy in the wood. Don’t mix him up with the cute purple tentacle that only headed for world domination – you would not love his reaction. Monster card for the challenge Darkness […]



Eigentlich nicht ganz mein Fall: Erdbeeren mit Sahne. Ich mag die sauren Früchtchen lieber, seien es Johannisbeeren oder Stachelbeeren. Und Sahne? bitte nicht geschlagen, vielleicht in kleinen Mengen mal an der Soße, aber bitte nicht auf Kuchen. Das ist mir einfach zuviel. Aber ich habe mal die im Moment so beliebte Farbkombination ausprobiert, in Kombination […]