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Yep, genau das, eine Hammerfarbkombination gab es bei Paperminutes. Da wollte ich schon immer mal mitmachen, aber geschafft habe ich es bisher noch nicht. Aber jetzt. Mit einer gelb-orange-rot-und-rosafarbenen Karte. Und das, obwohl ich mich mit der Farbe rosa wirklich auf Kriegsfuß befinde. Ein bisschen grün hat sich dann noch reingemogelt, aber eine Frühlingskarte ohne […]

As a princess you have to learn to be a queen. As a queen you have to command people. So you have to learn to issue orders. And this princess is learning very fast. To be honest, I was not sure about which sentiment I wanted to write but I decided to do this when […]

When Merle visited her grandparents at their old house she got lost on her hunt for old treausures that were stored at the attic by generations of inhabitants. So, she decided to make some holiday greetings for her parents. She used what she found on the place where she lost her way out of the […]

Good Luck


The pot of gold on the end of a rainbow is guarded by a leprechaun. On my card you can find a lot of green, a leprechaun and some gold, which hopefully is bling enough to qualify my card for the StampIt Crazy challenge. (Green, Leprechaun and bling) Leprechaun and gold pot are drawn by […]

Gothic green


Hey, do you remember the the third Lord of the Rings movie Return of the King? Do you remember the dark green of Minas Morgul? This green is my idea of gothic green. And Gothic Green is one of three (!) challenges at StampItCrazy this week. I tried to colour things similar to Minas Morgul. […]



We still had some snow on Sunday, but the birds don’t care. They sing the whole day long. And sometimes the air smells a bit like spring. Allthough I still have to wear my winter jacket I feel warmer every day. So, the Ready-Steady-Stamp challenge crossed my way and I liked to create some small […]

Well, this is a difficult question as I have many songs I love and I switch my favourite song according to the mood I am in. My favourite band consists of three Finnish cello players who love playing violent metal on their instruments. Blame them for making me love metal. They introduced me to this […]