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I was to busy to open new doors of my calendar. So I have to catch up with the scheme. For the 8th decembre I decided to repost a project I made years ago. I altered an empty can of nuts ito a container for a small christmas present. I like to use corrugated board […]

Today I have a little card for you, made from scraps of papers and an image drawn by me. Some of the scraps are chocolate wrapping paper, others from a bag of gingerbread, used envelopes and other materials. I made this card for the My Time to Craft challenge Snowmen and the LEJ Desgin Countdown […]

Plastic bottles from washing detergent have beautiful colours. So I started to cut them into buttons. This is one of my projects that I made with these buttons.

Today I finished some home decoration. From corrugated board I formed a tree-like shape, glued old newspapers on it and let it try some hours, After that I painted it with my favourite acrylic paint and put some little stars into the wet paint. I have one problem at the moment: I took some pictures […]

Hi, the recycling project of today is a present packaging I made from a container for vitamin pills. I just used some wrapping paper to cover the container. I also made a flower brooch from fabric that used to be a pillow cover. Oh, the red fabric has a special history: it’s my mother’s favourite […]

For me, recycling has become an important part in my life. I hate to throw away things that look useful especially when I think about the material waste. Even when you can recycle the packaging like paper or plastics, it means that you need a lot of energy to do so. At Christmas we often […]

As I don’t have much time today, I repost a project I made in May 2012. The original post is this.