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The girl on the card is Cilly Biss, the vampire princess. As a really girly girl she loves everything pink and only bites people with pink blood. Because she was going to starve (there are no people with pink blood), her mother has invented a procedure to colour human blood pink. Cilly Biss also loves […]

Hi, I have found two different blogs that offer really valuable blog candies each: Kianel offers her candy until August, 29 which is very soon. and Amy offers 1000 sheets of paper. She made 5 blog candies with 200 sheets each. When I first saw this I had to rub my eyes because I thought […]

In the hopes of creating a horrible zombie. Last year, I saw the cool short of Vincent for the first time. I love the story of a boy who wants to be a horror movie actor and uses his imagination to escape his aunt but then his imagination becomes too vivid. I love the breaks […]

Haunted Design House has its 52nd Macabre Monday this week. Congratz Barb! I would like to say that your challenges brighten up my week but then I think I would end up in the Haunted Dungeon, tortured untill I would forget all the forbidden words like “bright” or “cute” or “light pink”. So I better […]

Short post


I’m leaving for holidays tomorrow but I managed to create a little card. It got not so dark as I imagined it when I started to draw her, but that’s always the thing – I have an idea in my mind and then it turnes out something completely different. Made it with the Macabre Monday […]