One year of challenges!


Haunted Design House has its 52nd Macabre Monday this week. Congratz Barb! I would like to say that your challenges brighten up my week but then I think I would end up in the Haunted Dungeon, tortured untill I would forget all the forbidden words like “bright” or “cute” or “light pink”. So I better use some words that are more aedequate: Macabre Mondays make my weeks a little darker 😉 And my crafting a way more cool!

The theme this week is to use at least three stamps. Not that easy for me as I don’t have many stamps and none that would qualify as “dark”, “gothic” or “Halloween”. I hope you’ll like my solution:
I used two self-carved eraser stamps, two stamps from Stamp It Crazy and one clear stamp from a set. I think they all go together quite well.


5 Responses to “One year of challenges!”

  1. GREAT work, and I can’t believe you made your own stamps, how cool is that? Thanks for playing along with HDH this week, and, lol, Barb sneaked in a pink challenge for tomorrow; I think she must be unwell 😛

  2. Very cool! LOVE the kitty and how cool that you made your own stamp. Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH, and yeah, don’t hold it against us. PINK is in our future! YIKES! xxD

  3. I love this. The inventivness of making your own stamps!!! wow .
    I’ve only been crafting from this year and found that digis were a cheap way to get images, it’s becoming more acceptable to use them now. Keep at it and thanks for the kind words on my blog

    • 4 lachsekatze

      I think the possibility of adjusting the size is the most stunning feature of digis. So, yes, I thought about digis but I haven’t a printer since my last one has broken. And I know me: I would store tons of printed images in my little cupboard just in case my computer would break down.
      On the other hand – I love drawing although I am not an artist. Drawing and colouring is the perfect way to relax for me. But when there is the need for stamped images as in this challenge I have to think very hard.
      I love the handmade style of hand carved stamps because they are not that smooth but look a bit punk. They are also a bit of up-cycling as I used old erasers that don’t work properly anymore. I started carving my own stamps when I read a riot grrl blog last year. ( I can’t remember which). She made a cool fox and so I also wanted to create my own stamps.

  4. Fab card! I LOVE that you carved your own stamps… awesome! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

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