Pink Blood and a little bite of Candy


The girl on the card is Cilly Biss, the vampire princess. As a really girly girl she loves everything pink and only bites people with pink blood. Because she was going to starve (there are no people with pink blood), her mother has invented a procedure to colour human blood pink.
Cilly Biss also loves her little pet bats and she succeded in breeding pink bats. She is a very cute girl and has hobbies like flying around at midnight, meeting other vampires and vampire fairies, playing with little vampire baby dolls that have little sharp fangs and that can drink red (or pink!) water.

She had nothing against me drawing her for the Macabre Monday challenge with is Pink on the Brink. I crocheted two little flowers and one circle, but now, I have a little problem: Does the card look better with the flowers or without?
I also used some black adhesive foil, some rhinestone flowers and a piece of black ribbon that I got from my grandmother years ago. I hope you’ll like her.

Perhaps you’ll like her so much that you want to adopt her as we come for the second part of this post: the little bite of candy: It’s nothing special, only to celebrate one year of lachsekatze (that’s me 😉 ) participating in challenges. I’ve seen bloggers who made hundreds of card within one year. I don’t have much time for crafting and card making is not the only thing I do. I also love knitting, crocheting and all different kind of making things. But creating little pieces like cards or bookmarks doesn’t take much time and makes me happy. All these different challenges on the internet are a great way to learn about new styles and techniques.

So, for the candy which is not much, only a little give away: Cilly Biss told me that she would love to travel a bit, so the winner will get this card and ten crocheted flowers or circles. I will crochet the flowers* in the colours the winner wants. I will end this little candy on September 15th. If you want to participate, it’s totally simple: leave a comment telling me that you’re interested in the give-away and you’re in the hat. You don’t need to have a blog.  I will send the flowers world wide.

Good luck!

*Update: As I am trying out various crocheted designs, the winner can chose from different styles of flowers, circles, candy etc.


One Response to “Pink Blood and a little bite of Candy”

  1. Great work, lachsekatze! The crocheted flowers are the perfect touch 🙂 … thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!! And I would LOVE to have a chance at some of those crocheted goodies 🙂

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