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hi, it’s going to get a bit darker on my blog. I hope you like my bracelet for the gothic part in me. No skull, no bones, just some crochet yarn, pearls and an undead (=recycled) coffee capsule. I have to admit that it is real fun and all pleasure to hammer the emptied and […]

While not being able to sleep I made a second entry for the Macabre Monday challenge “Drop dead gorgeous”. This time I started with drawing the image and coloured her with my pencils. Since I’m tired I made a simple card – but it wasn’t so quick as I hoped it to be. It took […]

Hi, for the latest Macabre Monday challenge I recycled a lot. It started with an image I drew for the Nosferatu Challenge last year which I wasn’t able to enter due to deadline problems. I coloured him with my water soluable pencils and added some things from the recyled material box: faux leather and some […]

Goyul at night


Hi, it is after midnight and I’m still awake. Why? because my newest flatmate Goyul is making a huge fuss of moving in. When I asked him why he can’t do the noisy stuff during daytime, he stated that he descends from a the gargoyles of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral and that he […]

The famous last words that inspired me are “Mehr Licht” (more light) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Often, these words are interpreted as a metaphoric wish to the world. But most people don’t know what “really” happened: After Mr Goethe uttered the words his servant brought some more candles. Goethe instantly regreted his wish as […]

Hi, today I have a Christmas card for you. Well, I hope, you aren’t totally fed up. Since three years or so the amount of Christmas cards I make after Christmas is rising. One of the reasons is that I get all these beautiful leftovers of wrapping paper that I want to use instantly. Today […]

“Bats in the belfrey” was this weeks theme at Haunted Design House. Did I mention that I like bats very much? Some days ago three bats hunted over my head while I was having a sports practise. And this time, they weren’t noisy. As I’m able to hear the hunting squeaks of some bats I […]

Eerie ??


I’m not sure whether I’ve got the meaning of the word “eerie” perfectly right. But when I looked at my postcards I found some old ladies that made me shiver. I used them to make a little ATC for Macabre Monday (Eerie Elegance). On my ATC you can see aunt Erna and aunt Agathe (in […]

Happy birthday


Die Kreativen Stempelfreunde feiern ihren zweiten Geburtstag und haben daher genau das als Thema und dazu noch einen Bloghop. Ich habe mit dem Hüpfen gerade erst angefangen, aber die Karte habe ich schon fertig. Da ich mir mit dem werkeln nach Sketchen ziemlich schwer tue, übe ich das im Moment. Dieses Mal musste wieder der […]

Hi, before I start: I have some blog candy here for you. Macabre Mondays challenge this week was: Truebie or not to Truebie. I admit that I’m not a Truebie. I’m not able to whatch it as I don’t have access to the station that aires TB in Germany. I was standing in front of […]