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Angels are not supposed to fall in love. But sometimes the unthinkable happens and an angel falls. Even demons can fail in hating and fall in love. But this is a very rare accident in demons’ history. An Angel and a demon, who fall in love with each other? This happens only once per eternity. […]

The german word “Bengel” can be translated as “rascal” while “Engel” means “angel”. And that’s this week’s theme at the Three Muses challenge. I drew this little one before christmas but I never finished the card. Now, we have some snow and I enjoyed finishing the card. I am not totally happy with the corrugated […]

… beautiful wrapping paper. Therefore, I love recycling projects. For this card I cut some flowers out of shreds of christmas wrapping papers – some were left overs from other recycling projects. I did not used my scissors because I wanted to train my skills with a crafting knife. I am not very good in […]