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Chic freak


A chic freak for Macabre Monday. It’s a bit of a “what do I find in your paper trash” project as I made it while visiting a friend and just having some materials with me (black crochet yarn, two selfcarved eraser stamps, red and black paper, red, black and white inkpads, star punch and a […]

(Again, I have a Tip for Top Tip Tuesday. Please scroll down.) The problem: A collection of various scissors without a place to keep them. I had them in a box but that meant a lot of searching when I wanted to use one specific pair. The idea: Use old cans to store them. But […]

After christmas, I pack away all the wrapping paper I’ve got. But they are only one arm away, so that I can use them for cardmaking. So, when I read the theme at the newly discovered christmas challenge runned by Crafty Hazel (give it a new lease of live) , I just had to make […]

At the moment, I am listen to an Artemis Fowl audiobook, scanning some recipes from new cooking book and try to write a blog post. So, it can be that I mess up wih this post totally. About the scanning: I’m a very messy person and I print out the recipes so I don’t stain […]

“Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel” This quote by Sepp Herberger, a famous German football manager, is also true when one thinks about christmas. So, it’s always good to start making cards as early as possible. I get my motivation from christmas challenges as they have often a interesting theme and then I start […]

Happy new year


Christmas is over and the new year has begun. The weeks before and after christmas were very busy as I didn’t stay at home but visited people all around southern Germany. It’s good to have more time for crafting again, as one of my New Year’s resolutions is to get more projects finished in time. […]