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Card and Tag


Dragonsdream Tag It On has a challenge for the whole month of october. Best for lachsekatze, as I am not very good in dreaming tags. So I had a lot of time to look for the right thinking cap and to put it o for a time long enough to come up with some ideas […]

How does an experienced guardian angel look like? White, Clean, Bright and Shiny? Flying on a cloud? Would you believe that such a creature could guard anyone? I would think that it is an imposter or a poser and I wouldn’t believe that it can be brave enough to fight evil. I would believe that […]

Manchmal überlege ich lange, bevor ich eine fertige Karte hochlade, um an einer Challenge teilzunehmen. Die anderen Beiträge sehen so viel besser aus und meine Karte wirkt irgendwie schäbig. Dabei war ich vorhin noch furchtbar stolz auf meine gehäkelten Blumen und den gehäkelten Rahmen. Ich häkle fast immer ohne Vorlage, einfach wild drauf los und […]



There will start a new vampire movie this thursday at the cinemas in Germany. It’s name “Wir sind die Nacht” in english: “We are the night”. I am not sure whether I will watch it or not – the problem is that at the moment, vampires are “in” and that doesn’t help the quality of […]

I was playing with acrylic paste and paint with the intention of creating something simply sinister for Macabre Monday. No cute little image, no layers, no coverstory – only a skull and some glitter. What do you think?

The best thing about cards for men (theme of Winter Wonderland this week) is that nobody expects you to use embellishments or cute images. Sometimes embellis or cute stamps are okay and lovely, but to be honest: Sometimes I think I only use them because I think they help to make lousy card better. I […]

Both made according Card Patterns Sketch 84 which I like very much. But I was not that happy with the card with the lady bugs. The lady bug stamp is a very little stamp that always leaves marks. I used some tissue to clean the edges every time after inking but it still left these […]