Inspired by the Beatles


The idea of using a border of handwritten text on my cards has been spooking in my mind for ages. I tried it several times but I wasn’t happy with the outcome. But today I had this Beatles song in my mind – I woke up humming it, don’t ask me why and I knew that this was the perfect text for a CAS style card. Since I don’t have many stamps I used these little hugging bears – the only stamp that came into my mind for illustrating the words.

I messed with the stamping - fatal to a one layer card.

I messed with the stamping – fatal to a one layer card.

The first card got ruined – but it was the first one and I want to show it also. I even have a plan for repairing the damage: I’ll stamp the image again, cut it out and use it as a 3D element. But this will consume some time. Time I don#t have at the moment.

The second card came out quite good and I want it to enter into the CAS-ual Friday challenge “Make your mark” – which is to use markers. It reminded me of the markers I have in one of my drawers. Just some cheap children markers but since I’m happy with my watercolour pencils I never felt the urge to buy some expensive and space consuming marker sets.

2 Responses to “Inspired by the Beatles”

  1. How pretty! Love the purple tones and colored hearts! Thanks so much for playing along with CAS-ual Fridays this week!

  2. How awesome of you (and BRAVE) to use your own handwriting to border the song! I love this idea and your execution was fabulous. Even the first time *wink*
    Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays!

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