A blue sea witch


Imagine diving in the sea. You’re exploring a beautiful coral reef and having a wonderful time. Suddenly two strong hands are grabbing you. You look up and look into the face of rage itself. Thoughts of a stranger are flooding your brain. Angry thoughts. Furious thoughts. “What are you doing here, human? This place is not meant for you and your kind.”
All you can think of is the person behind the counter of the tourist office who praised the reef and told you that it was totally safe to dive there. “No sharks, no dangers – that’s our promise.”
Again, the strange voice is deep in your head: “There might be no sharks, but there’s me. And I’m more dangerous than any shark.”
You are now able to see more of the creature. At least three meters long, fish tail but human body and an almost human face.
“Please let me go. I won’t come back anymore.”
“But others will come. Disturbing my fish and my corals. AND MY SLEEP!” The last word are banging in your head, bouncing from one corner to the other, almost knocking you unconscious.

Well, this was my first encounter with Merala, the sea witch. Can you imagine that we became good friends in the end? I helped her to get rid of the humans by telling everybody how boring the diving tour was and that I found dangerous streams. My friends and the guide of the tour also experienced these streams and I bribed them to complain about the boring tour. Now the tourist office offers diving tours to less dangerous places.
I showed Merala how to take pictures with an underwater cam. Now, we sometimes meet and she shows me pictures of the sea people and all the fantastic creatures that hide from the humans.

I hope, you’ll like my card, which I made for the Forever Night Creepy Challenge 62 (shades of blue)
I had trouble with the light as it was rainy today. So I scanned the card and took a picture. The colous between these two pics are the real colours of the card…

I used one of my own drawings and some of the paper blending paper I made for last weeks Paperminutes.


One Response to “A blue sea witch”

  1. 1 NikkiByrne

    Gorgeous creation, Love what you have done with that image 🙂 thank you for sharing it with us at Forever Night creepy challenges this week and good luck.



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