I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

This quote by Douglas Adams would also work for me. But this time I did it.
I started about 90 minutes ago and finished the card with plenty time left (2h30) to enter the card and to even write a little bit about it.

The card was made for he Daring Cardmakers challenge. They got me to sit down and make a card after months of card making abstinence.

Now, you want to know the challenge theme? Well, I started with a quote from Douglas Adams, so you could guess it. Yeah, it’s Science Fiction.

So let me start to show you my card.

Step 1:

A maritime card for science fiction? lachsekatze, are you sure you’re not going nuts?
– Wait a moment, just a moment.

Step 2:

More dolfins? lachsekatze, you’re sure that you know what science fiction means? I mean, this is nature themed but science fiction is about spaceships, robots and travelling to the stars.
– Just be patient and le me work. Please.

Step 3:

Voilà, fine?
– (silence) –

I hope you’ll like my card.
If you have a moment or two, maybe you could leave a comment. And maybe you even have an answer to my question: What is your favourite version of the hitchhiker? The original radio series, the books, the TV series or the movie? Or even something else?

So long, an thanks for all the salmon.

2 Responses to “Deadlines”

  1. 1 Svenja

    Sehr schön – und sehr passend 🙂
    Vielen Dank für’s Mitmachen und auch für den netten Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Rick Future kenne ich noch nicht, es gibt also noch Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten für mein Spektrum…
    Den Spruch mit den Deadlines brauche ich noch mal irgendwann als Stempel.

  2. Hi, I found your blog via City Crafter Challenge Blog, where I also entered a robot card in the “geek chic” challenge. Robots are cool, right? 🙂 I enjoyed seeing the variety of robot cards on your blog.

    To answer your question, my favorite version of the Hitchhiker stories is the book version. When I was in college, my friend loaned me all the books, and I found them funny. Now that friend is my husband. 🙂

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