Apocalyptic card making


At the moment my room looks like an apocalypse of its own. I travel a lot at the moment and when I’m not on the road or on a train I study or have sports practise.
I don’t feel organised enough to create cards and other paper stuff and so I’m knitting a lot.
But as knitting is a slow process with only a finished project every month or two, I don’t show you socks or so.
No, I’ve managed to make a card. And I’ve even finished it before the deadline of the challenge!!
At the Airless Chamber I found a freebie from Rick St. Dennis that inspired me instantly. But it took much time to finish the card – about one week.
I printed the zombie on some new paper I was testing. Then I visited a friend and took the images and my water soluable pencils with me. Coloured the image. Then I went back home and ripped some packaging which I coloured with acrylic paints. Next day I was studying during the day and having a game in the evening. At night, I searched my room for papers. This morning I put all the things together before breakfast and starting into a busy day. I think this is how card making would be in an apocalypse – just change the fun stuff (preparing for exams and sports) for surviving.

For the design I thought of what one could use when zombies are knocking on your door. So everything except the card base and the matting paper has been used or found.
Some net from a potatoes sack as a homage to the fences in zombie films.
the quote “in your head” is from the song “Zombie” by The Cranberries. It was quite popular when I was in school.

I hope you’ll like my card.

Detail of the colouring:
I really loved colouring this image. All the little lines are perfect for my pencils. And I don’t mind the little artefacts that I get when adding the water.

I’m entering it into the May 2013 Freebie Contest at the Airless Chamber blog.


4 Responses to “Apocalyptic card making”

  1. I love your card. The colouring too
    Thanks for entering the freebie contest



  2. Great coloring and layout! Thanks for joining us at Airless Chambers.
    Aletha Jane
    RSD Elite Design Team

  3. fab card, love it
    thanks for joining the AC challenge
    rick st dennis edt

  4. Fabulous Zombie card!! Thanks for playing along with the monthly freebie at Airless Chambers!

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