Drop dead, Gorgon!


While not being able to sleep I made a second entry for the Macabre Monday challenge “Drop dead gorgeous”.
This time I started with drawing the image and coloured her with my pencils.
Since I’m tired I made a simple card – but it wasn’t so quick as I hoped it to be.
It took me hours to decide which paper I wanted to use and how to organize the card.
So, being now tired enough to go to bed, I just say good night.

If you want to have some nice nightmare think about being a gorgon. Bad hair day would be every day! First, because you cannot look into a mirror without turning into stone amd second because – well have you ever tried to comb snakes??

I know that the gorgons were told to be dreadful creatures but some also describe them as beautiful women with snake hair and the power to turn into stone everybody who looked into their faces.
So I drew a gorgon and I hope that you won’t drop dead looking at her.


5 Responses to “Drop dead, Gorgon!”

  1. Fabulous Gorgon card! Beautifully drawn and colored. I know how you feel when it comes to putting cards together. I can spend hours pushing papers around! Thanks for playing in the dungeon with us at HDH!

  2. Great work especially since you couldn’t sleep. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House x

  3. 3 mark

    I love the play on words,and the image you created. Thanks for playing in the dungeon at hdh

  4. ROTFL! How’d you get a pic of me this morning? Really fun and great image. Thanks for sharing with HDH. xxD

  5. FAB Gorgon Card and great play on words. Thanks for joining us at Haunted Design House 🙂

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