Eerie ??


I’m not sure whether I’ve got the meaning of the word “eerie” perfectly right.
But when I looked at my postcards I found some old ladies that made me shiver. I used them to make a little ATC for Macabre Monday (Eerie Elegance).

On my ATC you can see aunt Erna and aunt Agathe (in German “Tante Erna und Tante Agathe”) sitting at their favourite hairdresser’s and seeming to read some yellow press. But this is only the first impression. When you listen carefully you can hear them wisper to each other making plans for the weekend. Most time they just discuss how to embarrass the new wife of their nephew or how to blackmail the new priest. But sometimes they discuss world dominations plans. I don’t know, why they want to dominate the world, but I’m pretty sure that the first new laws they would make would consider gardens and interior decoration.


4 Responses to “Eerie ??”

  1. 1 mark

    lol, definitely creepy old women lol, love the little story to go with it.

  2. ROTFLMAO! This is a hoot! thanks for sharing with HDH. We Minions need a laugh once in awhile. It’s dark down here. xxD

  3. Hehe very funny. Thanks for playing along with Haunted Design House this week xx

  4. 4 i dont do straight

    Soo funny! thanks for joining us at Haunted Design House 🙂

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