Some vampire cupcakes


After seeing this fabulous V cupcake at Andrea’s blog, my thoughts were occupied by chocolate cupcakes with a vampire touch (red jam).
I tested my sister’s favourite chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes. It worked very well. For the vampire touch I used some red jam – my mother has given me some of her rasberry and cherry jam.
I put a teaspoon of jam in some of the cupcakes and let the others plain.
For the icing I used icing sugar and water – and some of my new food colouring.
For the topping I used creamcheese and my own vanilla sugar. And of course some jam.

I made different cupcakes, but I’m not so happy with the outcome. some of the bitemarks look like red eyes and others look like what ever else.
I don’t have experience in Halloween style baking. So, all Helloween bakers out there: What’s best way to get real looking bite marks??

Creem cheese topping with some cherry or rasberry jam:

Icing with bite marks:

Icing inspired by Rolling Stone cover:

Topping with rasberry jam bitemarks:

I’m now off – eating cupcakes and watching football – Ukraine vs. Sweden.

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