New drawings!


It took me weeks to draw again. I still have the plan to draw the sporty zombies and I’m collecting ideas but I don’t have the guts to start the process. I feel like this will be very disappointing and my abilities will not meet my ideas.
So, I somehow stopped drawing at all. I couldn’t push me to fetch some plain paper and a pencil.
But then I stumbled across a anime series called D.Gray-Man. Rised with the tradition of Franco-Belgian comicbooks, I’m not a big fan of the compact disk eyed girls and super deformed emotions, but sometimes even I draw some inspiration from Manga and Anime.
As so often, not the main characters got my attention, but the bad guys, especially the Akumas. As much as I understand these creatures are souls of dead people that were bound to a weapon and have to obey their evil master. Their only purpose is to kill people.
Their faces reminded me of something buried deep in my mind. Some years ago I saw some t-shirts by a french designer called Akiza. It’s difficult for me to describe his style. It’s dark, cute and uses elements of bondage.
The Link to Akiza, as it is not easy to find him via Google. But be warned: Some content is not meant for the easily offended.
So, in my head something like this happend:

(Akuma + Akiza)/ lachsekatze =

I took some of the drawings and made this card:

The card is a odd mix of materials and themes. Well, I tried to keep it in the colour sceme of the Forever Night Challenge: Black White Grey.
I’m almost pleased with the colouring. Because the scanner loves plain white paper, I haven’t used my watercolour paper. I added some hints of purple because I needed a wee bit of colour to emphasize the expressions.
I also incorporated some recycled materials: black handles from a plastic bag, a plastic ring cut from a beverage carton, fabric and grey something from a journal I ripped apart.

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