A little altered thing


It feels overconfident to speak about a “project”. I altered just a little item for the Forever Night Challenge. Since the lid of a tin is easier to clean than the tin itself, I have several lids on my desk waiting for me to do something with them. So, I took the inspiration from Forever Night (“Challenge is to…ANYTHING ALTERED – You can create anything you wish as long as it’s something altered and something creepy dark !”) and started to alter one first lid. Perhaps because of the round shape I thought of christmas and used one of my own drawings which I had printed and coloured and which was waiting to be used.

I needed more time to collect the materials than to finish the project:
With the image coloured months ago and a cleaned lid, I just had to smudge the edges of the image and the purple paper a little bit. I stamped some black stars on the background and used a white gel pen to add some doodles. I glued everything together. Then I used acrylic colour to colour the inside of the (edge/edging/frame – what’s the best word for it?) and I used some black and silver glitter for some christmas feeling (like a black equivalent to the glistening white of snow).

Much fun for such a simple idea. I’m thinking of altering more lids in this way. But I’m not sure what to do with them. If you have any idea I would be very happy to learn about it.


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