A second can for my scissors


After I used the Macabre Monday challenge to solve my storage problems (look here), I used the Burtonesque Dolls this time.

The theme is “Alter it” (Burton-style, of course) and I altered a can. Now I have enough cans for my scissors but I stil have ugly plain cans my pencils and other stuff.

I first wanted to use a decorate the can with an image but I haven’t found anything that I liked in my stash. So, it looks like something that could be found in a Burton movie.

can, wallpaper (very old leftover from my parents’ housebuilding activities), crochet yarn (Wolle Rödel), acrylic paste, adhesiv black foil, violet wrapping paper (used), charcoal inkpad (Colorbox)

0. Empty can, clean it and rip the paper off.
1. I used double sided tape to glue the wallpaper to the can. Painted it with pearly acrylic paste that I softened with water. Waited until the paper which went wavy during after painting was flat again.
2. I crocheted the lace (I found the pattern in this book: Spitzen & Blenden by Nicky Epstein (Link to amazon.de).
3. Smudged pearly surface with charcoal inkpad. Punched flowers out of wrapping paper. Glued everything to the can.

I took some more picture that show some details better.


2 Responses to “A second can for my scissors”

  1. 1 Alex

    What a great project!!! Thank you so much for altering with us at Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls!!!~

  2. Wow! This is SO cool! I love that you upcycled wall paper! And you crocheted the lace! I am bowing down to you. Great idea, and it looks fabulous!!! Thank you so much for playing along with Beyond the Burtonesque Dolls!

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