Sport exercise + colour inspiration = new card


Yesterday, I was asked to play some football with some friends. I’ve played football for some semesters at University until I’ve found other sports I wanted to try and found more suitable for me. But I still love to play just for fun with friends.

Today, when I saw the Creative inspirations colour scheme I instantly noticed that the colours are the colours of a football field. As I don’t have any stamp of a football player, I had to cut a picture out of a pamphlet that I got last year, when the FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in Germany. There was a better picture of Marta in action but her trickot did not meet the colour scheme. So, I’ve chosen a pic showing German players celebrating.
I decided to cut the felt only roughly as it’s football – not ballet.
I know, it’s a bit different, but I hope you’ll like it nontheless.

green blank card from ELCO
pics cut out from a pamphlet,
felt and acrylic paints for the pitch
small piece of wallpaper.


One Response to “Sport exercise + colour inspiration = new card”

  1. 1 Aunty sue

    brilliant thanks for joining us at creative this week

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