Chic freak


A chic freak for Macabre Monday.
It’s a bit of a “what do I find in your paper trash” project as I made it while visiting a friend and just having some materials with me (black crochet yarn, two selfcarved eraser stamps, red and black paper, red, black and white inkpads, star punch and a gluestick).
I found in the bins: newspaper, boxes from cerials and tea, some mesh from oranges and some letters)
Made two cards for the Macabre Monday challenge “Chic freaks”.

(Just a quick post because my friend wants the computer back. 😉 )

5 Responses to “Chic freak”

  1. Ack! I LOVE your eraser stamps!!! Great images. And fabulous use of recycled bits and bobs. And the bow tie!! Too chic!!!
    Thanks for playing along with us at HDH even while visiting a friend and with limited resources. That’s a true HDH follower!!

  2. Well you did a darned fine job considering you had so little to work with.
    I love both of these cards….but cant get the image of you rummaging in the bin out of my head! Thanks for sharing with us at HDH love BD X

  3. Fabulous – brilliant cards made with scraps – too awesome. I love your hand made eraser stamp… great image. Thank you for joining us for the Macabre Monday Challenge at HDH xxxxxxxxx

  4. Wow great work and with limited supplies. Thanks for sharing your creation with us at haunted design house x

  5. WO! This is really creative! Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH. xxD

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