Nightmare before Christmas – lachsekatze loves this film


At the moment I am watching Nightmare before Christmas. Every day a little bit while eating or crafting. One thing that I love about this film is that Jack Skeleton falls in love with Christmas although he lives in Halloween Town. For me this is a symbol that everyone needs some comfy-cosy space in his/her live with a some love and joy, even when s/he is normally a “scary creepy dark” person. (I hope you can understand my crude English, it’s very late here and I am tired)

To satisfy the darker side in me and to pay tribute to the film I decided to make some creepy christmas projects. So, drew some this snowman some weeks ago, coloured it and left it on my stash. Almost forgot it because of travelling, sports exercises, finishing the cards for my grand-mother etc.
But then the Forever Night Challenge brought it back to my mind. I searched my paper stash and put the things together. VoilĂ , my newest project, inspired by Nightmare before Christmas — and a bit by the snowmen that Calvin (the comic strip boy with his stuffed tiger Hobbes) created.

Well, we know, there isn’t any army of dangerous men-eating snowmen in the film. But think of the posibilities!

Enough text, here is the card:

Hope you’ll like it.
Have a great weekend. And do not let the real nightmare before christmas (shopping stress and unpleasant customers) get you.

(recycled materials: wee bit of wrapping paper, some napkin used for wrapping a small gift, glued to white paper and cut out.)

2 Responses to “Nightmare before Christmas – lachsekatze loves this film”

  1. Wow!! You drew this? Amazing! Love that you incorporated a gift wrapping paper! Check out — they’ve got lots of projects on upcycling!

  2. 2 mandy

    Fabulous card,I love the snowman…clever you…Thank you so much for your lovely comment….
    Mandy x

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