Expired Deadline


I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

Douglas Adams knew all about my favourite hate-love-topic: deadlines.
About 40 minutes ago one expired while I was making the card. And when I started assembling the parts of the card I had got plenty of time. *arg*

The card was made specially for the Beyond The Burtonesque Dolls Challenge: scary kids inspired by movies.

I tried several thinking caps until I found the one that fitted my head and the challgenge.
One of my favourite scary children is a girl most people cannot remember although they’ve seen the film.

What is a nice girl with her book doing on dark card? Well, look closer and you see that her book is about quantum mechanics. Well, again: what is this little girl doing on a dark street that is infested with strange guys? What should you do, when you want to have the coolest job in the universe? Shoot her, do not shoot the strange guys as they’re harmless.
Do you remember? Will Smith as an applicant for the MIB? Oh, I loved the scene from the first film. All the stupid guys shooting the harmless aliens but Jay shooting the only villain of the training target scene.

Some other very dear scary children: Katy Towell’s Childrin R Skary. It could be that you’ll like them. If so, may be you could tell me?

I hope you’ll like my card.

Villian physics genius is drawn by me.
recycled materials: piece of black glittering paper and piece of napkin from pattern books. Blue ribbon and black-silver ribbon.

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