First I thought to make a small bookmark for the Macabre Monday challenge. This weeks theme is Heinously Haunted Houses. However, I hadn’t any idea what I wanted to do. 6 hours before the deadline my mind came up with an strange idea: If you want to visit a haunted house and leave it alive, you need to know who or what is haunting the house. Therefore, I wanted to construct a Haunt-o-Meter, in German Spuk-o-Meter. But it was only 6 hours from the deadline and so this Spuk-o-Meter is only a rough prototype.

How does it work?
The short hand indicates what or who is haunting the house. At the moment, the devise can only identify three types of spooks:

  • The unfortunate nursemaid who was seduced by the landlord and decided to drown herself when she discovered to be pregnant. Now, she is up for revenge and she tries to kill the new lady who was married to the inheritor of the estate some months ago.
  • The wicked nun. Well, she has been wicked during lifetime.  So, she was condemned to haunt until she finds someone who is more wicked than her. She’s been searching for decades.
  • The scary children. Do I need to say more? If you see the hand moving towards their picture, just run!

The long hand indicates the danger of the creature.

All images have been drawn by me. I tested my new water colour paper. I’m still not totally happy with my water colouring, but I think the paper is a small improvement.

I hope, you’ll enjoy my little “Spuk-o-Meter”, although it is not finished,yet. I want to add some more creatures like the count and the prisoner, so that the user can detect more spooks, whichwould increase the safety of visits to haunted houses. I also want to add some cogs and springs, so that it looks more professional.

As my scanner is not so good, I first scanned the display of my Spuk-o-Meter, before I added the hands. (at the moment of writing this post the hands are still drying)
Edit: The hands are finishd. Hereis the new scan:

I am sorry for adding a not really finished project, but I love the Macabre Monday challenges and I so wanted to play this week. Last week, I created a little card, scanned it, saved its image on an USB-stick and… forgot the device when I went on a short trip (first Novembre is a holiday here). Made me very angry about myself.

Btw: If you know a sixth spook that this device should be able to detect, tell me.
Have a great day and don’t get lost in the haunted houses!

5 Responses to “Spuk-o-Meter”

  1. This is sooo freakin’ cool and creative! Soooo happy you were able to complete it in time. I think your water colors are just FABULOUS! if you do manage to add spooks be sure to let us know. Thanks for joining the Minions this week. xxD

    • 2 lachsekatze

      Sorry, my spam filter was very hungry and did hunt the wrong comment down. But I saved your comment and gave the spam filter an evil stare 😉

  2. Oh I love this, it is wonderfully original! I find children very scary :))) Love your wiggly hands and the fabulous drawings, and I’m sorry if my house gave you a bad dream (or maybe it was fun in a spooky kind of way :). My dreams can be very surreal (often about multiple universes and futuristic scenarios), and I have no idea what sets them off 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment x

  3. I was sure I left a comment last night but it’s not here. It seems like I’ve had trouble leaving comments on your blog before and I have no idea why. Anyway, this is sooo frickin’ fabulous and creative! Love your “spuks” (your watercolors are just wonderful) and the whole idea is amazing! Thanks so much for joining the Minions this week. xxD

  4. Only just caught this one and I love it!! Superb xx

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