Have I been attacked by zombies? I feel like I lost my brains and with them all the ideas and sense for cards. During the last week I made four cards that look like uninspired assemblages of random pieces of paper and other things. I do not dare to make any more cards at the moment although I’m running out of time. I want to make two Santa Clause (Nikolaus) presents containing a lot of christmas cards. Santa Clause is celebrated 6th of Decembre, so that the people who will get the cards would have enough time to write them.

For more than a week I hop blogs and challenges for inspiration and I have my own ideas, but most of the cards don’t become what I wanted them to be. Even the use of sketches doesn’t help. It was a taff decision but I think that blogging is not only about the best cards I make, the ones I’m proud of, but also about the difficulties that one has to overcome. That also includes showing cards that went totally wrong. Therefore, as soon as I have a scanner, I’ll add the cards. I know my mother will like them, but I am totally unhappy with them.

Edit: I scanned the cards ad here they are:

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