Meet My Psychotic Miss Silver – Meet Eulalia


What are you doing when you feel angry, crazy or perhaps even psychotic?
Shouting, going postal, screeming, scaring the neighbourhood?
Well, Eulalia has always been not that kind of girl. She is more the one who puts on her roller skates and trains her skating abilities. But don’t get into her way and force her to break. Then she turns into a real fury, and if you’re very, very lucky, Dr Frankenstein will be able to attach your head again.

I made this card for the Macabre Monday challenge “Psychotic Miss Silver”. As I need more “not that dark” cards, I made it a bit more neutral than the challenge suggested. Not a lady going beserk, just a girl, doing what I think perfect when I feel too much energy, anger or just the pms: sports ;-). I hope, you’ll like her.

I drew her with an biro/ball pen, scanned her but I had to colour the original drawing as the printer don’t like to buy ink and refill itself. I used a silver pencil for parts of her hair, the bow, her skates and the stockings which – you can’t see it in the scan – is shimmering a bit. Lots of different silver papers and some pieces of my ribbon collection (I organised it some days ago and was totally astonished by the amount of different ribbons I bought and hid in different boxes over the last three years).


4 Responses to “Meet My Psychotic Miss Silver – Meet Eulalia”

  1. Well, she’s darling! Aren’t you the artist! Looks like shes ready to mow anyone down in her way. LOL Great design and I love the silver papers you’ve used. Thanks for joining the Minions at HDH this week. xxD

  2. Fabulous card! I totally know what you mean about needing not so dark cards. Grandma just doesn’t dig the skullz and zombie cards.
    Thanks for playing along with us this week at HDH!

  3. Nice interpretation !

  4. This is perfect, and I’m so impressed that you drew her yourself! Thanks for playing along with us at HDH this week 😀

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