Frames at Macabre Monday


This week the Minions want to make the people framing things. So I crocheted a frame and used it on my card. I hope you’ll like it.

Sorry for the scan. I’ll try to find a scanner that like dimensionality more than mine.

By the way: I knew that “I was framed” did not mean that someone put a frame around me. But my dictionary didn’t know that. So I had to use wikipedia and found the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Stupid dictionary cannot even translate this famous film title.


5 Responses to “Frames at Macabre Monday”

  1. Oh WOW, what a beautiful frame! I love how you’ve combined your love of crocheting with your card making. Fabulous card! thanks for joining the Minions this week. And I think your scan is perfect. xxD

  2. Really cute and unique take on our challenge this week! Very cute frame!
    Thanks for playing along with us at HDH!

  3. Very cute šŸ™‚ love it !

  4. Wow you crocheted that frame, it looks superbly amazing. x

  5. Well done on crocheting your own frame, it looks fantastic! And I know all about the trouble with translating certain words, as I regularly look at blogs in languages other than English, so I fully understand that sometimes certain words don’t translate well, If ever HDH has a challenge that you have trouble understanding, just let me know and I’ll provide several other ways of saying the same thing, so that hopefully at least one of them will translate easily. Thanks for playing along with us, even when you have trouble with the theme šŸ˜€

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