Manacing Merlinda


It’s sunday night and I am finishing a card at the last minute.

Merlinda is a very special mermaid who surely has a shark in her family tree. She likes fish and luring sailors into shipwreck.
I hope you’ll like her.
She is my contribution to the Macabre Monday Menacing Mermaids challenge.

4 Responses to “Manacing Merlinda”

  1. Oh yeah! she’s plenty creepy. Did you draw her yourself? Love the teeth and the seaweed and bubbles. Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH. xxD

    • 2 lachsekatze

      Yes, I draw her myself. She underwent the same process as the demon hunter frm the pendant: Drawing, scanning the drawing, printing the scan, colouring the print.
      That’s why I finished the project almost late.

  2. She’s perfect, lol, I love her, so damn creepy but she makes me smile 😀 Thanks for playing along with MM at HDH this week 😀

  3. hehe great mermaid x

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