Making a pendant


My first Macabre Monday after my “no internet at home”-phase. I so wanted to participate, but the theme was not easy: Creating a pendant.
So, I put my thinking cap on on monday morning. Today, I drew the whole morning and finished the project in the evening. To be honest, I didn’t finish it: I made the pendant, but I also want to make a necklace so that I can show off the pendant 😉

Let’s start with today’s work:
My drawings (While drawing I watched Princess Fantaghiro, so I started drawing lots of cute and only slightly dark images):

I chose: a little daemon hunter and printed it. It’s just a scan of my drawings, so if you like it, feel free to take it with you.

The colouring in two steps.

And finally: the pendant (front and back)

Materials used:
a piece of a cheap felt bag
daemon drawing, self-adhesive foil
self-adhesive foil, stamped heart: silver ink stamped on the adhesive side of the foil, cut heart from a piece of used wraping paper
crocheting yarn

I also used this crocheting yarn to crochet a necklace which I love wearing:

I hope you I like my creations. I am just happy to be back again.
Have a great time. See you on Macabre Monday!

3 Responses to “Making a pendant”

  1. Excellent work, great job drawing a little daemon hunter. Fab crocheting also x

  2. WOW, is that fantastic! Fabulous drawing and what a gorgeous and creative necklace. Thanks for joining us for MM at HDH. xxD

  3. I love love love your evrything here! So good to have you back with us again 😀

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