Oleander and a cookie heart…


… and my new acrylic paints.
Combined together “according to plan” (ohh wrong movie 😉 ). The theme at the Burtonesque Dolls is Edward Scissorhands this week. And they have a beautiful sketch there.
I often draw my own images but this time I used my newest stamp, Oleander, which I won at the 1000 sheets of paper candy. Isn’t she cute?

As far as I can remember the inventor started with a cookie heart from which he created Edward. That’s why I had to use a heart as a background for Oleander. Just to pay homage to the movie.

As always, making this card made me learning things, for example: don’t colour your image at night (it may work with hand-drawn images but not with stamped ones), be careful when using acrylic pastes – they look more paste-like than they colour – and be quick when sprinkling the glitter on the acrylic paste. It dries more slowly than acrylic paint but it still dries too fast for first picking the glitter colour and deciding where to apply etc…
You see, I had a lot of fun 😉


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