Angel of death


Although most angels of death guid the dead to Hades/Heaven/Hell, some of them represent the elegant evil – this weeks theme at macabre mondays. These are pure killers but always know how to dress. They love the colours black and blood and they have hobbies like counting the deaths they have caused or betting on the amount of blood that will be splattered by them. Most of them started on the “good side” but became more and more ambitious in guiding people to Heaven. So they started to help people dying faster and in the end they became these mudering creatures that they are now.

I wanted to try something new: Last week I bought some cheap acrylic paints and now I am finding out how to create backgrounds with them.
For this piece I used an old envelope because I love the structure of this paper and I love the idea of recycling them.
The angel is an photo that I cut out of the magazine “Zeit- Magazin” from September 2009. It shows the german actress Katharina Schüttler. The puddle of blood and the halo are cut from another photo from “Zeit Magazine” May 2010. This photo showed a stream of blood that was cleaned away from a street in Guatemala.


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