This week was creepy cute


This week Macabre Monday has the theme of creepy cute.
And before I show my card I have to tell you that I’ve found tons of things that were cute with a dark twist. Some examples?
1. It seems to me that at the moment, there are a lot of creepy cute characters who are coming out of their hidings. An Example? At the blog A thousand sheets of paper, there are several candys where you can win Twisted Sister stamps which are perfectly cute but with a Halloween twist:
2. I’ve found out that Ponyo, a film from Hayao Miyazaki will soon be released in Germany. I love the Studio Ghibli films as they have a total different understanding what’s creepy and what’s cute. Remember Totoro? The Ponyo Trailer showed some strange seamonsters. Well, I’m looking forward to this movie.
3. I saw a movie, yesterday: Mary & Max. It is a “stopmotion claymation feature film” as wikipedia says and Mary is cute. But it isn’t a nice children film, more a dark picture of life: Mary and Max are very lonely. Mary is an Australien girl living in a dysfunctional family with a mother drinking sherry like tea and telling her daughter how ugly she would be. Max has Asperger syndrome and has therefore huge problems when it comes to understanding people. Mary and Max start beeing penpals and talk about their lives. But their friendship is not easy and over the years many mistakes between them happen. I loved this movie although it is really strange to watch such cute characters struggling with such difficult problems. Here is a link for you, if you’re interested in this film: Mary and Max.

And now for the card.
There are parts that I like -like the image and the crocheted flower – and parts that I don’t like a bit. Next time I will use some matting paper and not glue the image directly on the card. And when the image is to big I will make a bigger card. Promised! I also won’t use light blue as writing colour together with purple and green. The “lovely girl” looks so out of place.

I used:
green card stock, stripes of silver card stock, some scraps of black card stock.
an old envelope, coloured with acrylic paints to get some structured purple paper
hand drawn image and hand crocheted flower.

Who is she? She once was called Antonia but as zombies and ghouls can’t speak properly her new name is “Tchonjaa”, she lives with her zombie family in on the graveyard. Like every normal child she loves to play, but like every zombie she has to be careful that she doesn’t fall apart. So she has to be very slowly when practising rope skipping. And really, she is a very lovely girl who knows how to behave. She always uses a fork and a knive when eating and she helps her mother to prepare corpse flesh, which is her favourite dish. She finds living on a graveyard very interesting because of all the different people who live and unlive there.

4 Responses to “This week was creepy cute”

  1. Oh goodness, now you’ve got me worrying that bits of flesh will start dropping off if she jumps too hard when she’s skipping 😛
    Fab card, and I LOVE the back story. And thanks for the creepy cute links too, I’ll definitely be checking those out 😀
    Thanks so much for joining in with our Macabre Monday Creepy Cute challenge at HDH, and good luck!

  2. I love this and i love the story to go with it…. thank you for sharing with us at Macabre Mondays and i hope you join us again soon.

  3. hehe amazing story I so love a little story behind a pic fabby, x

  4. I love how you have a story for your cards… so creative! Great work as always, and thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

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