Two things I learned about me by making this card:
1. In my eyes, angels look better in dark robes.
2. I am not able to draw people in a different way than cute even if I try.

I made her according to the Ready Steady Stamp challenge:

And combined it with the Burtonesque Dolls: Stripes.
This was one of these moments, where I read the requirements of one challenge (RSS), liked them, copied them onto my challenge sheet and then went to the next blog, read the challenge and my brain started to work. And after short period there was this strange sound inside my head and the idea was formed. I love these moments, where some thoughts go together and you see a vision forming, you can feel your own thinking almost like you feel your muscles moving.

Angel: check
Colours: check
Hearts: check (I love my self carved eraser stamp 😉 )
Wood: used a tooth pick, coloured it in black and silver – check

But I lace and ribbon didn’t make it on the card. The black shiny things that remind me of a bodice are made from plastic – handles from a plastic bag I used for crocheting.

Ma carte pour le challenge Ready Steady Stamp. J’ai eu un petit problème avec mon ange. Je ne peut pas tracer des personnes qui n’est pas “cute”. Et j’aime mieux les anges qui s’habillent des vêtement sombres. Si vous voulez écrire votre commentaire en français, c’est pas de problème pour moi. Je ne peut pas écrire et formuler des textes, mais je peut comprendre. 😉


10 Responses to “Angel?”

  1. 1 Renée

    Hi girl, wonderful card yet again. I love your drawings. wonderful toch with the eyelets and the stripes either side. Great card!

  2. 2 Margie

    Very cool! Love the image! Thanks for joining us at The Burtonesque Dolls. We have another great challenge on Tuesday!

  3. 3 Betty

    Totally cool! Love the stripes! Just perfect! Thank you for playing along on our first challenge at The Burtonesque Dolls!


  4. What an amazing card! I just love it… Thanks for playing along with the dolls this week…

  5. 5 Isa

    really cool entry !!! thanks for playing with us

  6. très jolie !

  7. Une participation très originale!!!bizz

  8. 8 Sid

    Very different, but fab idea and interpretation !

  9. Its gorgeous

  10. Brilliant! Love your angel!

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