Balrog Boogie


Hi out there,

this week, the theme at Macabre Monday is Music Mayhem! Well, the biggest problem for me was to choose the one song I wanted to use as inspiration. At the end, I’ve chosen Balrog Boogie by the fabulous Swedish band Diablo Swing Orchestra. I found them some years ago on myspace and instantly fell in love with their music. Last year I was in Stockholm, went to a music store and what did I see there? The butcher’s ballroom. (Cool title for an album, don’t you think?)

My Balrog doesn’t look as evil as the Tolkien’s ones, but hei, he’s not here for destroying Gondolin or killing a grey wizzard. No, he wants to dance. Would you dare to dance a Boogie Woogie with him?


6 Responses to “Balrog Boogie”

  1. 1 Renée

    Sure… I’ll dance the boogie with the balrog. Great card and another great drawing! You’re very talented!

  2. 2 Alison

    I really like your project! And I am so glad that you took a liking to Type O Negative! Their music is so amazing to me. I will need to check out the music you refernced, it sounds fantastic!

  3. Great! Love his hairy red head! Great drawing! xxD

  4. 4 Linda aka Oz

    How fun, Hell yeah I would boggie the night away… as long as he can keep up that is… LOL Oz

  5. Another great drawing! “Butcher’s Ballroom” IS a fabulous title 🙂 Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  6. 6 taluula

    OK, if you’re asking, then I am dancing. Great piece and such fun.

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