Simple box


Chocolate boxes: I have lots of them and every Christmas, Easter or Birthday I get some more. I love to use them for storing little things in them, but I also alter them into gift boxes.
I did not have much time this week, but I used the little sparse time I had for creating a simple gift box. Red wallpaper and some beautiful flowers. But wait – what happens with the flowers? They get vampire teeth. Oh no, they will guard whatever you put in this box and bite everyone who tries to touch it. A grim gift box in blood red.

Made only because Macabre Monday asks for a grim gift box. Barb, thanks a lot for this challenge: So my stack of empty chocolate boxes has decreased by one and my stack of handmade gift boxes has increased! I have an idea for a second gift box but not enough time to craft.


3 Responses to “Simple box”

  1. LOVE the vampire teeth! What a fun idea, and black red and a wonderful color combination!!!

  2. This is wonderful…. LOVE the vampire teeth… like venus flytrap only better 😉 Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!!

  3. Sehr schone blume!!!

    Lovethis box, and what a great idea to add vampire teeth. I love that. Great job girl!

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