Holiday Greetings from the attic


When Merle visited her grandparents at their old house she got lost on her hunt for old treausures that were stored at the attic by generations of inhabitants. So, she decided to make some holiday greetings for her parents. She used what she found on the place where she lost her way out of the gigantic attic. Some old, burned smelling paper, a bit from an old dress and an image of an scary looking old puppet.

Marionettes are considered by me to be scary. On stage, some of them seem to be alive. But when they are stored, they look like dead dolls. So, I made this card for the Macabre Monday challenge, where you find the cool theme of “Hello Dolly” this week. Well, as the amount of gothic and dark card rising from week to week I have to think about a way to use them. Don’t have dark friends, and I don’t think that my mother, for whom I love to create card, will love them very much. Any suggestions? 😉

I had much fun creating the card. I think I am going to improve my drawing abilities a bit. A very little bit, of course, but I am more and more pleased with my drawings, I don’t use the eraser as often as at last year. And I think I am faster, too.
Well, there is this thing about self-praise. In Germany, we say “Eigenlob stinkt”, but the strange smell that filled my room after finishing the card came from a totally differet source. I smudged cardboard with black and red ink, a brown felt tip (haven’t got brown ink, yet) and then I burned the left lower corner. What a delicate smell! After also burning the edges of the image I had to open my window. The brown paper with the black dots is from a chocolate box. I just ripped it off from the layer that was between the chocolate and the lid.
And now: the critics. Write your thought about this card. I’ll love to read it.


2 Responses to “Holiday Greetings from the attic”

  1. Great drawing, Thea!! Marionettes tend to creep me out, too 😉 Love the burnt edges… thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  2. 2 Toni

    Creepy and cool. I am just becoming acquainted with gothic stamp images (I have no drawing ability, like you, whatsoever). I don’t know if you receive an American television show called NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services) – it’s a naval crime series drama. One of the characters, a forensic scientist is a Goth. If you know anyone who is a fan of the show, I’m sure they would appreciate. I know I would. Smiles.

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