My favourite song


Well, this is a difficult question as I have many songs I love and I switch my favourite song according to the mood I am in. My favourite band consists of three Finnish cello players who love playing violent metal on their instruments. Blame them for making me love metal. They introduced me to this music style.
But for the interpretation of the Stamp it crazy challenge I’ve chosen something not so violent and aggressive. I decided to use a song from Get Well Soon, the project of the German Konstantin Gropper. On the album with the consoling title “Rest now, weary head! You will get well soon” you can find a song called “tick tack goes my automatic heart” and it has this beautiful line: “To the beat of my automatic heart you sing a song of life.” I used this special line as an inspiration for my ATC. I hope, you’ll like it.

And now? Well, why not visit: and listen to Get Well Soon’s new songs?


2 Responses to “My favourite song”

  1. Woo Hoo…yep you did it, and its a lovely card too. Thank you for taking the Stampitcrazy challenge

  2. 2 linda aka Oz

    Huge congrats on the card and the win! Oz

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